14 October 2019 - Marijn Kingma

Höcker at Amsterdam Dance Event

It’s that time of the year again: the week of Amsterdam Dance Event. Of course, Höcker will be present again. On Wednesday, October 16, Marijn Kingma will participate in a “Meet the Lawyers Speed-Dating Session”. Are you visiting ADE and do you want free legal advice? Stop by the DeLaMar Theater.

Immediately afterwards Marijn takes part in the panel “Article 13: Triumph or Tragedy”. This panel on the infamous Article 13 (now: Article 17) of the DSM Directive focuses on the consequences for users. Are they really as bad as the platforms make you believe? For more information: see the description below or the ADE website.

Article 13: Triumph or Tragedy?

As news of the fact that Article 13 had been approved as part of the EU’s new IP and copyright rules, the pleasure expressed by the music industry was shaded by the howls of outrage from many young online users. The reason being they often express their love of a song or act by co-opting elements of the artist’s work into memes, karaoke sessions and fan videos, which could now see them being fined or served with take-down notices. Is it really unavoidable that music fans will be criminalised for their enthusiasm? How do artists feel about missing out on the promo generated by their fans’ UGC? Should there be a clear distinction between usage for fun and usage for profit? Where do other forms of IP such as stage sets and record cover design sit in all this?