12 October 2023 - Marijn Kingma

Legal Update at Amsterdam Dance Event

Next week, the Amsterdam Dance Event returns for its 2023 edition. Like last year, ADE will feature the Legal Summit of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers. Of course, Höcker’s Media and Entertainment lawyers will be present to welcome their international colleagues on their home turf.

The IAEL Legal Summit will be held on 18, 19 and 20 October in Felix Meritis. Marijn Kingma will participate in the annual Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology, which will take place on 19 October at 14:15 pm. This session is a front-row seat to the latest legal happenings in the entertainment/music/tech industries across the world. Once again, legal and industry experts will weigh in on the hottest legal topics that defined 2023 and will shape 2024. This year’s edition will cover the legal impact of AI – including the class actions commenced by Sarah Silverman and US authors; the Getty Images vs. Stability AI dispute in the UK; the US Copyright Office’s refusal to register copyright in the AI generated comic Zarya of the Dawn and the Thayer v Perlmutter decision denying copyright protection to AI generated works; the Ticketmaster Flop Era and secondary ticketing issues; competition law’s past and future impact on the music industry; implications of the recent Belgium/Netherlands tax treaty on entertainers and athletes domestically and beyond; US courtroom headliners including the highly anticipated Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith (“Prince portrait”) Supreme Court decision; Ed Sheeran’s copyright victory; yet more plagiarism claims against Dua Lipa’s Levitating and Bang Energy’s unlicensed use of music on TikTok; important EU case law touching on such issues as plane/train broadcast of music; musical box infringement of Charles Trenet’s moral rights; music in a violent Narcos scene and moral rights; a Tina Turner look-alike; the never ending Kraftwerk sampling saga and music industry-focused trade mark litigation including Katy Perry’s Australian court loss and TikTok’s defence of its mark.

For more information about the Legal Summit, see the IAEL website or the ADE website.