Dispute Settlement

Every now and then parties will find themselves unable to agree. The options available to them then are litigation, mediation or arbitration. We will join you in finding the best course of action, to then go down that road together.

If the dispute needs to be settled in a swift and efficient way, litigation will often be the preferred course of action. We advise and litigate on matters of employment law, corporate law and intellectual property.

Our specialists

Many other disputes, however, are better, more swiftly and more sustainably settled in a different way and often at less cost as well. We bring parties to the table to have our impartial and independent mediator lead them to negotiate the resolving of their dispute. The solution parties then arrive at is then recorded in a settlement agreement. This doesn’t require the aid of any judge or court. We feel that mediation is more than simply facilitating parties. If required, we will stamp our mark on the negotiating process. Vividly aware of the interests of the parties involved, we help them see things from a different angle – out-of-the-box even – and so increase the room available for negotiating within.

Arbitration or a binding opinion are also ways in which a third-party ruling can be obtained. Although these, too, do not require the intervention of a judge, they do have a similar effect to a court ruling. Such a decision has the same judicial force as a court order and its adherence to it may hence also be enforced.

Sometimes parties will feel the need to have an impartial and independent person lead their discussions, without wanting to commit to anything beforehand. In such cases we, as asked to adjudicate discussions, will voice our opinions on the most equitable way of resolving the dispute in question.