Employment Law

Be it a company restructuring, dismissal or other employment dispute, neither you, nor your employees will enjoy being at the centre of such a matter. Sometimes, however, such situations cannot be avoided and when that happens, you may rest assured that we’ll be on hand to provide a sound and discrete solution to whatever the problem might be.

We can remain on hand, available for advice should you require such, but can also negotiate or litigate on your behalf. We’re always striving to understand employment law in its every detail and master every aspect of it. We know the Work and Security Act like the back of our hands. And we can add the right creativity and experience to that to offer you the best service around. We also have a deep understanding of our clients, as we’ll often enjoy long-standing relationships with them.

We regularly advise our clients on issues such as employment contracts and temporary or flexible employment, employing independent professionals, Collective Labour Agreements and conditions of employment, but you may also contact us with any issues facing you regarding employment law in general, company restructuring and dismissals, the Work and Security Act and employment participation.

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