22 november 2021 - Marijn Kingma

IAEL legal summit at digital Midem 2021 - watch on demand

Since we are still stuck in a pandemic, Midem was held online again. Marijn Kingma and William Genereux hosted The IAEL Main Seminar: Nationalism vs Globalism, in which chapters from the 2021 IAEL book were presented. The Main Seminar is now available to watch on demand.

The session includes individual presentations on various regional and cross-border issues that affect the industry:

  • Litigating personal jurisdiction as a non-U.S. defendant in U.S. courts;
  • Cross-border licensing;
  • The Indian Copyright Amendment Act and its relation to the rest of the world;
  • The position of authors and owners around the world;
  • Music use on new social media platforms;
  • A U.S. Perspective on article 17 of the European DSM-directive.

The session is available on YouTube and can be found here.