7 January 2019 - Marijn Kingma

Höcker at Eurosonic Noorderslag

Like previous years, Höcker will be attending Eurosonic Noorderslag, the European music platform in Groningen. The International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) and EPIC will organise the panel “Money for Nothing: legal tips and tricks to monetize your IP and data” on Friday 17 January at 12. Marijn Kingma will discuss the possibilities to use data for marketing purposes under the GDPR. Other speakers are Peter Marx (MVVP, BE), Julian Bentley (Swan Turton, GB) and Jeroen Lallemand (Knijff, BE). Marcel Bunders (Hellingman Bunders) will moderate the panel and Höcker’s Willem Roos organized the concept.

Money for Nothing: legal tips and tricks to monetize your IP and data

We live in a new world where big data is the new currency, artists are created on social media, music festivals are key in connecting with young audiences, and set lists are being replaced by software. This year’s IAEL panel will discuss the legal aspects of these changes and the new possibilities that arise for the industry. The panel of lawyers and experts will also answer (for free!) all your burning questions on data, trademarks, privacy and software tools.

Topics that will be discussed include:

– The possibilities of tracking and monitoring music use with software and how to use this software to your advantage.

– Big data is key. But how do you use data for profiling and marketing purposes in compliance with the GDPR?

– Trademarks make it possible for the live entertainment industry to create value from music. Events names such as Tomorrowland, Lowlands, back to the Nineties, I love Techno and Kntxt create numerous merchandising opportunities. How do you make sure you protect and use your brand in the most optimal way? 

On Thursday 18 January Jacqueline Seignette will participate in a panel organised by Buma Cultuur on the infamous article 13 of the new Copyright Directive. The panel is called “Copyright Directive article 13” and will start at 12.

More information on the IAEL panel and speakers can be found here. Tickets for Eurosonic Noorderslag can be bought here.