Media & Marketing

The law permits us to say or print just about anything in an ad or an article. Freedom of expression is at the heart of our democracy. However, that is not to say that it is a right that knows no boundaries. There are things one simply cannot say, or which cannot be said in a certain way.

We know where those boundaries lie and how to deal with them. We cover all types of (social) media expressions and can help you with any of your queries about slander, defamation and privacy-related issues, including the right to be forgotten.

Our expertise on advertising law covers every angle. We help the big brand names looking to advertise in accordance with the rules. And as they’re playing by the book, so they expect their competitors to follow suit. Sometimes a letter to that effect will suffice to achieve that objective, other times this will require the initiation of court proceedings, or appealing to the advertising standards committee. But we also assist those who find themselves addressed on the issue, putting up a solid defence on their behalf, or protecting their interests with a practical settlement out of court.

Advertising agencies have long since found their way to our door. Our support allows them to deliver their clients’ campaigns safe in the knowledge that they’re promoting their products and services within the law. This ‘clearing’ beforehand, as we call it, is an important component of the services we provide.

The international networks we enjoy also allow us to offer you swift and cost-efficient legal assistance on your campaigns that reach out beyond domestic borders.

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