4 juni 2020 - Marijn Kingma

Sneak preview of the 2020 - 2021 IAEL book: Nationalism vs globalism

Each year the IAEL publishes a book focusing on a topic of interest in the field of entertainment, media and technology law and business. This year’s book is co-edited by Höcker’s Marijn Kingma  and William Genereux from Toronto, Canada.

Given the circumstances, the editors have decided to postpone the release of the full book until 2021. For this year, they have decided to release five contributions from the book as a sneak preview to next year’s release.

The 2020-2021 book is called Nationalism vs globalism: regional and transnational legal issues reshaping the entertainment industry. It will explore the longstanding conflict between nationalism and globalism as it relates to the entertainment industry. For the sneak preview, the following chapters are released:

Adam Rendle (UK) – Brexit and the entertainment industry: after the UK’s retreat from regionalism, how will its copyright system handle nationalism and globalisation?

Tim Toohey and Bill Hochberg (USA) – Who’s your data? How new local privacy laws will frustrate the global music industry’s data-driven growth

Jen Clarke (UK) – Regulating counterfeit politics: fake news and political advertising on global social media platforms

Marcelo Goyanes and Leticia Carneiro (Brazil) – The Brazilian General Data Protection Law and the rise of a new era of privacy standards in Latin America

Priscilla J. Mattison (USA) – Environmental impacts of the recorded music: how can the music industry green itself and flight climate change?