Marnix van den Bergh

Nearly 7ft for legal prowess at your side. He is a tenacious, caring and creative attorney who will carefully and critically assess a case first and then fully commit himself to bringing it to a satisfactory resolution. A deal is a deal, as far as Marnix is concerned, and he will not shy away from taking matters to court for that deal to be respected as such. Marnix drafts and assesses contracts and provides counsel in mergers and acquisitions. He advises clients and litigates in national and international proceedings on behalf of medium-to-large companies and also teaches his peers.

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Associations & Memberships:
– Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) – National Representative
– Dutch Association for Distribution Franchise and Agency Law (DFA) – Member
– Dutch Association for Disciplinary Lawyers (Disciplina) – Member
– Dutch Bar Association Professional Training Programme – Teacher of Professional Attitude & Ethics